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LifeStream Digital Innovations® – Our Mission

Our mission is to embrace individuality as our driving force, empowering people to harness their unique value through state-of-the-art technology. Our innovative platform revolutionizes the high school, college, and job application experience, streamlining an authentic, holistic evaluation process to improve and simplify the journey for all.

Our Solutions

Introducing LifeStream Digital Memory Box®, our premier solution designed to revolutionize the high school, college, and job application process. This innovative platform serves as a comprehensive digital storage and portfolio system tailored specifically for students. Say goodbye to the complexities of assembling and showcasing your achievements – with LifeStream, creating a custom student portfolio becomes a seamless and efficient process.

We understand that each applicant is an individual with a distinctive story. Drawing on over two decades of experience in education, business, and technology, we have witnessed the challenges students face in highlighting their experiences, accomplishments, character, and life skills. LifeStream Digital Memory Box® empowers students to capture their most significant moments and effortlessly present their unique journeys, effectively conveying who they are and what they can achieve.

Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your application and scholarship prospects. Embrace the power of LifeStream Digital Memory Box® today! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

CLICK HERE for a video testimonial from Henry DelAngelo, one of Princeton Review’s Top 20 Counselors Making A Difference!

LifeStream Digital Memory Box is the missing link in the education profession. It has been so much more than just digital storage for my students. It has helped my students with self-reflection and prompted meaningful conversations between students and their parents and teachers too. I have been impressed by how quick and easy the service is to use. My students and parents love it! 
~ Dr. Deborah Hardy
School Counselor & College Consultant


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