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Every business understands the importance of hiring new employees to continually grow and thrive, but the challenge of sorting through and reviewing thousands of similar resumés is a daunting task—how are you supposed to know when someone is truly good at what they do when every resumé seems to say the same thing? You want to do what’s best for your company, but it can be difficult when all you have is a resumé and a person’s name.

LifeStream portfolios enable companies to get a more holistic view of their applicants in a quick, easy-to-use manner.  See samples of their work, other job experience, community involvement, additional interests, awards, achievements, and more.  Plus, LifeStream portfolios can allow you to see the character traits and life skills of your applicants too! Reviewing LifeStream portfolios provides a more comprehensive view than a resume alone and helps you differentiate applicants and see their unique qualifications to determine their eligibility for the position and potential fit with your company culture and community.

No matter your industry, the less time you spend looking for qualified applicants, the more time you can spend focusing on the things that matter to your business.  While LifeStream portfolios do not eliminate the need for interviews and phone calls, they will make your application process more efficient and effective.

LifeStream portfolios are FREE for companies to receive and view.  Sign up for a free demo to see the LifeStream difference!

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