College Bound

Navigating the college application process may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Success is all about being organized and prepared, and that’s where LifeStream comes in. Introducing the LifeStream Digital Memory Box® – a game-changer for college applications!

Imagine having up to 50% of your college application done before starting it! With the LifeStream platform, you can effortlessly store your best academic work, projects, community service, talents, employment history, and more. It’s not just a tool; it’s your key to:

  • Easily complete the activities section of your college application.
  • Craft a compelling personal statement/essay.
  • Build a standout student resume.
  • Ace your interview with preparedness.
  • Enhance your application with a personalized LifeStream portfolio!

Did you know that over 1,900 accredited colleges and universities are test-optional or test-blind? They’re all seeking a student portfolio, not just for admissions but for scholarships too!

Unlock the full potential with a LifeStream Digital Memory Box Account, starting at just $19.95/year for the family after your free trial.

Whether you’re gearing up for college or looking to bolster your job/internship applications, keep saving valuable information in your memory box – it’s your secret weapon for success! Ready to get started?

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Testimonial from Henry DelAngelo at Joel Barlow High School

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LifeStream portfolios not only helped me with decisions this year but scholarships too!

Admission Officer

New York

I love using LifeStream!! I am a musician, and it was a fantastic way to organize my media from various concerts and ensemble groups. It was easy to use and very helpful in my college application process. I cannot recommend this enough!



“LifeStream Digital Memory Box is such a wonderful application to easily manage, store, and organize all of the pieces of my High School Junior’s life. For me, as a parent, it is a fabulous resource.“



LifeStream Digital Memory Box is the missing link in the education profession. It has been so much more than just digital storage for my students. It has helped my students with self-reflection and prompted meaningful conversations between students and their parents and teachers too. I have been impressed by how quick and easy the service is to use. My students and parents love it!

Dr. Deborah Hardy

School Counselor