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Simplify Your Life with LifeStream Digital Memory Box®

In the hustle and bustle of life, time is a precious commodity that always seems to slip away. We often find ourselves saying, “I’ll handle that later…” or “…when I have more time…” Organizing information and media is a task we tend to procrastinate, yet it becomes challenging when the time finally arrives.

Living in the digital age, our photos, videos, documents, designs, and various digital media are scattered across different devices and storage drives. Physical items like cards, projects, awards, and certificates may be tucked away in closets or drawers. Delaying the organization of this information only complicates the process and makes it nearly impossible to locate when needed.

Enter our LifeStream Digital Memory Box® service—a solution to help you organize your digital media now, rather than later. Easily digitize special cards, physical projects, and more using your phone, tablet, or scanner, and upload them seamlessly into your digital memory box. Each household member can have their personalized digital memory box within the LifeStream Account, where each experience or project is documented as a “Memory.” We’ve designed it to be quick, easy, secure, and affordable.

LifeStream Portfolio – Share Privately

Share selected or entire portions of your digital memory box privately with family, friends, and colleagues using the LifeStream portfolio feature. Whether you’re applying to high school, college, or for a job/internship, create a customized LifeStream portfolio effortlessly in a two-step process to enhance your application and give it a personal touch!

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