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The Counselor-backed journey begins here, providing a simple and organized way for your students to showcase their achievements, talents, and life experiences. Students can save everything from documents to videos and even code in one place, fostering self-reflection and boosting confidence.

Why choose LifeStream?

✨ Little or no cost for your school

✨ No IT hassle or software downloads

✨ No paperwork – it’s all digital!

LifeStream supports personal branding and storytelling through:

Personalized Reflection: Encourages students to reflect on their experiences, aiding in personal growth and self-awareness.

Collaborative Learning: The platform facilitates peer support and feedback, nurturing a sense of community among students.

College and Career Readiness: LifeStream enables students to create a custom portfolio, showcasing their achievements, talents, skills, and experiences beyond grades and test scores, effectively supplementing college, career, and scholarship applications.

Digital Literacy Skills: Develop essential digital organization and media identification skills critical in today’s tech-driven world.

Long-Term Preservation: Ensures memories are securely stored and easily accessible for years to come.

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Grades and test scores are just part of the picture. Uncover the true essence of applicants through LifeStream portfolios – revealing leadership, problem-solving skills, passion, and grit! Gain a holistic view efficiently with LifeStream portfolios.

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