How do I know what to send?

Your LifeStream portfolio is meant to help you tell your story of who they are – showing your achievements, awards, personality, talents, interests, etc. Suggested examples (“memories”) based on some LifeStream categories are:

  • Academic examples: These examples should show special projects, academic content (writing samples, etc), recommendations, or related activities (robotics clubs, language clubs, etc), that show quality and/or enthusiasm for your academic work and/or other school or professional development related activity.
  • Athletic examples: If you play a sport, belong to an athletic club, volunteer for an athletic organization, work for or support a team in some way, have a passion for a sport and/or have talent in a sport, you can show your impact and explain your involvement in LifeStream.
  • Community Involvement examples: If you formally volunteer or spend your time helping the community in any way, you can show what you are doing and explain why it is meaningful to you. If applicable, don’t forget to add any letters of impact or positive feedback you have received.
  • Employment/Internship examples: From running a lemonade stand to having a formalized internship or part-time job, if you work or have done something work-related, show your experience, how often you work why you do (did) it, and whether you like(d) it along with any recommendations and/or positive feedback you have received.
  • The Arts examples: If you are an artist or musician, have any involvement in plays or productions, artistic clubs, or other artistic talent or involvement, input samples of your work in LifeStream.
  • Extra-Curricular Activities: If you are involved in any after school program, club, volunteer work, travel team, etc, add examples of these activities here.
    Life Skills & Character Trait examples: If you learned or exhibited any life skills and/or personal character traits in any of your experiences, please remember to tag those within each applicable memory. This is unique to LifeStream, and a critical part of your application!

NOTE: If an experience goes across multiple categories, LifeStream made it easy for you – simply check all applicable categories your experience identifies with and you are all set! You only input the information once.