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College admissions are competitive, but College Sharks and LifeStream Digital are here to give you the edge. We’ve partnered to create a powerful one-stop solution for a streamlined and impactful college application journey. Plus, receive $100 OFF when you use code = LIFESTREAM24

What We Offer:

  • College Sharks: Our expert faculty guides you through the entire application process, from junior year to senior year, for just $600 (a fraction of the cost of 1-on-1 consulting!). Plus, get $100 OFF when you use promo code = LIFESTREAM24
    • Monthly Lessons: Master essential topics like crafting a winning personal statement, building a strong college list, and acing standardized tests.
    • Live Q&A: Get personalized guidance and have your questions answered by our top-notch faculty in live sessions.
    • Timelines & Guidance: Stay organized and on track with our proven timelines and expert tips to navigate every step of the process with confidence.
  • LifeStream Digital: Showcase your unique academic strengths, talents, skills, achievements, and more in a user-friendly digital portfolio.
    • Streamlined Application Process: Simplify applications by integrating LifeStream with your College Sharks guidance.
    • Compelling Narrative: Present a captivating story of your accomplishments, academic work, skills, and more – all in one place.
    • YOUR ADVANTAGE: College Sharks guides you, LifeStream Digital amplifies you! Together, they create a powerful application that tells your story and highlights your potential.

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Together, College Sharks and LifeStream Digital empower you to navigate the admissions process with confidence, showcase your true potential, and help gain acceptance to your dream college.

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